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Ξενόγλωσσα Βιβλία Αγγλικών arrow Upper Intermediate arrow FCE-ECCE-Lower (B2) arrow 8 Graded Practice Tests FCE For Schools Book 1 - Teacher's Book - New 2015

8 Graded Practice Tests FCE For Schools Book 1 - Teacher's Book - New 2015

8 Graded Practice Tests FCE For Schools Book 1 - Teacher's Book - New 2015 - Archer Editions

A two-volume set of sixteen practice tests graded in difficulty for students preparing for the revised Cambridge First Certificate in English examination effective as of 2015. The tests have been carefully compiled and adapted to reflect student's acquisition of language and comprehension skills as the examination approaches.

strict adherence to exam format
vocabulary and structure adapted to Pre-FCE and FCE level
specially- prepared student's sheets for paper 2 (Writing) tasks
vocabulary & functions bank for Paper 4 (Speaking)
glossary for students

The teacher's edition accompanying each volume includes:

key to all tasks
model compositions for Paper 2 (Writing)
complete word formation tables for each test for the Use Of English section of Paper 1 (Reading and Use of English)
model answers and discussions for Paper 5 (Speaking)

Παράμετροι Κατηγορίας: Ξενόγλωσσα Αγγλικών
Εκδοτικός Οίκος
Τάξη FCE/ECCE/Lower(B2)
Είδος Βιβλίου Practice Tests;Teachers Book
ISBN 978-9963-728-16-9


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