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Ξενόγλωσσα Βιβλία Αγγλικών arrow CAE-ALCE-(C1)-CPE-ECPE-(C2) arrow CPE Writing for Cambridge Proficiency - Student's Book (Grivas) - New Format 2013

CPE Writing for Cambridge Proficiency - Student's Book (Grivas) - New Format 2013

Student's Book (Grivas) - CPE Writing for Cambridge Proficiency νέα εκδοση 2013

Βασικά Χαρακτηριστικά σειράς Γριβας - CPE Writing for Cambridge Proficiency

            CPE WRITING aims to prepare students for Paper 2 (Writing) of the revised CPE examination, both by enriching their language skills and offering ample practice in all the writing tasks.

            Each unit is both task and topic based, and contains the following features:

            Oral work
            At the beginning of each lesson, candidates are given the opportunity to discuss the general topic of the unit, thus preparing for the written work to come.
            Vocabulary exercises
            Through these, students will enhance and expand their language skills and build up a knowledge of the advanced vocabulary required at this level.
            Error correction exercises
            In every unit there is a special focus on error correction. Students are thus alerted to the most common mistakes made by foreigners learning English.
            Task analysis
            Candidates are offered invaluable guidance in analysing typical exam tasks and understanding exactly what is required of them.
            Model pieces of writing (report, letter, review, essay, etc.) and related exercises highlight what learners need to be aware of in order to fulfil the requirements of the writing section of the exam.
            For each piece of writing students will attempt, they are supplied with a straightforward plan to encourage them to organise their ideas in an appropriate way.

            CPE WRITING is a systematic approach to teaching writing skills at an advanced level, which at the same time familiarises students with the format of the revised CPE examination.


                        Παράμετροι Κατηγορίας: Ξενόγλωσσα Αγγλικών
                        Εκδοτικός Οίκος GRIVAS
                        Τάξη CAE/ALCE/Advanced(C1);CPE/ECPE/Proficiency (C2)
                        Είδος Βιβλίου Supplementary
                        ISBN 9789604097593


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